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16 Jun 2015

Transparent Event Report 2015

Josh Clark, Transparent’s lead designer and Jon Zimmer, Transparent’s sales manager, presented the new fifth generation of Transparent analog cables (interconnects and speaker cable) and did comparisons for us.

Josh Clark

Josh explained the research that started with a no holds barred approach to analog cable design, building on the 25-year history of the development of Transparent cables. That approach led to the introduction of Magnum Opus, Transparent’s new best. The design innovations that made Magnum Opus possible were used to create the new Opus, and the other less expensive cables. There are altogether nine levels in the current lineup. We compared various cables. The new Gen 5 cables are indeed a significant step up, not just a slight improvement. Transparent remains true to their goals of accurate music reproduction throughout the range.

According to Josh, Transparent has always designed their cables around tonal balance, dynamic range, and space. Keeping disciplined to these three qualities has kept Transparent consistent over the years and means that even though their cables are getting better with each generation, it is an evolution not a revolution. 

Jon Zimmer

Josh and Jon reminded us of all that goes into Transparent Design. From that, we are reminded of what goes into value in any product. Value is not just the cost of materials or cost of production, although with Transparent those costs are significant as they adhere rigorously to standards that give best performance and consistency. Added to that is the significant cost of research and development. We feel strongly that Transparent cable at every level is a great value. Each step up in level represents a true improvement in letting the music and the performance shine through, increasing our enjoyment. All of this reaffirms our conviction that great cable is an integral part of a great system. Transparent’s trade up program makes it easy to step up in cable level with guaranteed trades.

Hearing comparisons between the last generation and new Generation 5 is an interesting experience. The Generation 5 cable is certainly an improvement but in the sense of development and progression towards more accurate reproduction, not a different perspective or change in sound, simply more revealing. The older cable sounds amazing and does everything well. You question how it can get any better but it does.