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Bluesound System $1,895
Bluesound System $1,895

The Bluesound System Offers Simplicity and Performance

With the Bluesound System you will get a complete and beautiful-sounding stereo with small form factor and modern convenience. You have many ways to access music easily using Bluesound’s superb application on your phone or tablet. In the future you can easily expand your listening to any room in your house with the addition of wireless Bluesound all-in-one speakers. Play the same music throughout your home or individually selected music in each room. This system can also easily accommodate your TV and movie watching experience and sound much better than any sound bar on the market.

The Bluesound System $1895

The system incorporates the Bluesound PowerNode 2 and the Elac Uni-Fi Slim line shelf speakers. The Bluesound PowerNode 2 is an award winning, high quality integrated amplifier with plenty of power for these amazing speakers. The Uni-Fi speakers are the creation of the renowned designer Andrew Jones. The system is complete with Transparent high performance speaker cable and power cable.


Alternative Bluesound systems all use speakers from the same company and designer. Choose what fits your home and your budget. One of our consultants will work with you to determine which variation is right for you. This consultation need only take a few minutes. These are customized systems not hi-fi in a box. Once decided, your Bluesound System can be delivered to you in a few days.

  1. With floor standing slim line speakers the system price is $2595. The floor standing speaker offers better bass in the same slim line design. We recommend this option rather than shelf speakers on stands.
  2. For best performance in this system group with the floor standing speaker and higher power use the NAD C368 Blu OS, the system price is $2995. The C368 offers the same functionality as the PowerNode 2 but with more power and higher performance.
  3. Our lowest price option can reduce the system price to $1395 with a slight decrease in performance and a less elegant look. This variation uses the Elac Uni-Fi UB-51 shelf speaker and Transparent Hardwired cables.
What is Included with Your Purchase of a Bluesound System?
  • 30 day return for credit or replacement
  • Free shipping or delivery
  • In home set up or on phone consultation covering set up and operation
  • One-year Sound Environment warranty plus manufacturer’s warranties
  • All sales are eligible for our generous Trade Up program
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