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    I’m Charlie Santmire. I started The Sound Environment 48 years ago. My idea was to provide high performance audio systems for music lovers. Today my associates and I are doing the same thing. Our research has become far more refined and our ability to provide really good systems over a broad range of prices has improved greatly. Some of my associates have suggested that I tell my story and provide my current thoughts about systems as developments occur.

    I will try to write on some subject each week. I welcome your input, thoughts on what you would like to see covered, and questions as we move along. Just click the button below to email me directly.

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We hear a lot today about a music management program called Roon. What is it? We hear about network players that are Roon ready. What does Roon ready mean? Here is a Roon site that provides a lot of information: We believe that the excitement comes from the music not the metadata but Roon […]

How Loud?

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about Dynamic range. You’ll find that in my Blog HERE. In that writing I talked about loudness “If you wish to reproduce a sound at its original level you only need a sound system capable of reaching that level at the distance you might be from the sound. […]

Power Outlets

Much to say here. As your system gets better and better the quantity and quality of the power delivered becomes more important. I was moved to write this because of a problem one of our customers was having. He lives in an older home that did not have the now standard three conductor IEC (International […]

Dynamic Range

What does that mean? The Sound Environment is an operation endeavoring to bring reproduced music to its customers at best value not lowest price. We have been doing that for more than 47 years. I was reading an article recently which was about Vinyl versus Digital audio reproduction sources. Vinyl means phonograph records and digital […]

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