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Naim mu-so
Mu-so System $999

Good Sound Made Ultra-Simple

Mu-so and Mu-so QB are advanced all-in-one complete stereo systems. They are small in size but produce exceptionally rich and robust sound with a deceiving amount of bass for any room. Both Mu-so Systems function exactly the same, only differing in size and performance.

Uncomplicated, sleek, and easy to use, these two systems are easily incorporated into any room in your family’s home. Place a Mu-so System with your TV and you not only have a great stereo but an elite level sound bar as well. Music, movies, and video games instantly become more engaging. Mu-so systems can be extended to make a multi-room audio system with additional Mu-so Systems or more advanced products from Naim like the Atom.

Mu-so Systems are controlled from your phone or tablet using Naim’s intuitive app. Mu-so Systems provide streaming from major cloud services such as Spotify and Tidal and include internet radio. Virtually all the world’s music is at your fingertips. Mu-so Systems will access any music you have stored locally on your computer, NAS, or other hard drives. They will also accept inputs from your TV, CD player, or other device, even a turntable! There isn’t much you can’t do with a Mu-so System. They are a truly modern home stereo solution.


  1. The Larger of the two Mu-so systems is the standard Naim Mu-so. It offers more robust sound with deeper bass and won’t have any problem filling any room with great sound. System price $1,599
  2. Mu-so QB offers a smaller footprint and still has impressive, robust sound. System price $899
What is Included with Your Purchase of a Mu-so System?
  • 30 day return for credit or replacement
  • Free shipping or delivery
  • In home set up or on phone consultation covering set up and operation
  • One-year Sound Environment warranty plus manufacturer’s warranties
  • All sales are eligible for our generous Trade Up program
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