Our goal is to work with you to build a successful system. A successful system is one in which all of the elements are in balance and synergistic, producing a result that is more than the sum of its parts. That will create the best overall value, and make for many fun nights listening to your favorite music.

Our consultants are truly that, not salespeople. They will help you get where you want to be, not just sell you a component or a system. Our three senior consultants have a total of more than 70 years of combined experience. They take the time to compare components carefully in well-balanced systems. They appraise many components, most of which we decide not to carry, because they do not offer true high value.


We offer a generous trade up program that allows you to keep improving your system over time. Purchase any eligible product and you will automatically join our industry-leading Trade Up Program! Enjoy your new audio gear and then within a year you can trade it back for the full amount you paid towards a product that is at least twice the price.

We want you to get the best sound possible for your budget initially and discuss thoughtful upgrades with you down the road. This program gets you started on a great path. Absolute dedication to great sound is what we do and what we have done for 46 years. We apply everything we have learned to help you get the best possible sound in your home with systems that make sense and that are easy to use.


Any eligible products


Trade back any purchase within one year and receive the full amount you paid towards any new products that are at least twice the price


Your brand new audio gear


Grow your system from modest beginnings. Continue this process and over time you will upgrade your audio system into a truly high performance system

TSE travel Program

We invite you to come visit our showroom in Omaha. Come hear a reference quality system, well set up, in a really good room. Discover what is possible. We offer a Travel Program that reimburses up to 2% of your purchase towards your travel expenses.


Everything you need and nothing you don’t. A Sound Environment Minimalist System includes everything you need to bring beautiful music into your home without complication. These are uncompromised, modern stereo systems we have specifically and carefully designed to fit into your living space. They are meant to sound great, look cool, and operate easily from any mobile device you own. An entire world of music is out there for you to enjoy and is now easier than ever to reach.

We are music lovers and regret that many people don’t have good quality, enjoyable music reproduction at home. We are committed to doing something about it. Music doesn’t have to squeeze out of little boxes in a shabby, thin vestige of its original emotionally rich self. It should be in our homes easily with rich sound. Many of us just enjoy music that fills our home while we cook, hang out with friends, read, and work. Minimalist Systems emphasize this relaxed and uncomplicated approach to music in our homes.

The design principle is the same for each Minimalist Stereo. You just get better performance as you invest more. The core of each system is a single all-in-one box embodied with technology to play music from a variety of sources. Accompanying this great all-in-one player is a well-matched pair of speakers. These speakers can be small, easily placed, good-looking bookshelf speakers or modest sized floorstanding speakers. The result is a stereo anyone can be comfortable with, designed to get out of the way and bring great sounding music into your home. For a deeper look into a minimalist approach to stereo, click HERE.


$899 or $1,599

High performance audio made ultra-simple for your home. By far the best single box system we have found, Mu-so offers exceptional sound with diminutive size, many ways to play music, and is expandable to multiple rooms. Bring life and emotion back to music and movies in your home.


$1,495 to $3,495

Bluesound Systems feature a variety of stereo speakers separate from the all-in-one electronics component that runs them. A modern stereo, these systems offer all the capabilities that Mu-so Systems do but achieve higher sonic performance for an even more engaging listening experience.


$3,295 to $7,495

Uniti Systems offer yet higher performance in a more elegant package. Enjoy great sounding music and movies in your home simply with attractive high performance products that don’t require the space traditionally used to achieve performance at this level.


Advanced Systems are systems designed specifically for you after consultation about the following:

  • The music you listen to
  • The maximum loudness you listen at
  • The space you want to fill
  • The look or physical parameters you want
  • The control you need
  • Your initial budget

The system initially arrived at may need to accommodate existing equipment that you want to continue to use. These systems generally include ideas of what you want to build towards using our trade up program, as you work with us. They may be similar to one of our minimalist systems or may be more complex. Many of these systems are normally on demo. Specific systems can be assembled for demo after discussion. These systems can start at under $2,000 and reach beyond our displayed reference $500,000 system. These systems may be stereo (two channel systems) or multi-channel music systems. The latter also usually include a video display and so are also home theater systems. Read more about advanced systems HERE.

World Class Audio System
Our World Class System located in our showroom in Omaha, NE
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