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Following the successful launch of the Naim Mu-so two years ago we have created many happy customers for these great all in one systems. A year ago Naim announced three new products in the Uniti series. Finally the roll out is complete. We have the new Uniti Atom, Star, and Nova on demonstration and in stock. What are they? They do everything and do it well. They stream from any source. They look for sources. They connect to each other and to Mu-so, creating a multi-room system with no effort. They amplify and can drive almost any speaker very well. We have tried improbable combinations such as Nova with Wilson Alex and have been astounded by the results. They are easy and intuitive to control from your phone or tablet with a new and evolving app. In this day and age that is essential. Nobody wants to fight with their hi-fi. They just want music and they want it now. From Tidal or Spotify, from your phone or your NAS. You name it you’ve got it.

Naim Uniti Range

The Details

These products are not inexpensive, but they offer so much in a single package that they are a great value. Atom $2995. Star $5495. Nova $6995. What differentiates them? As you go up through the three models you get more power and better sound. How much power?  Never mind the numbers, it is enough. Don’t believe that? Come in and listen.

The Star is unique among the three. It integrates CD playback and ripping. The Atom and Nova can rip but require an external drive to make it happen. That’s right, you can rip CDs with your integrated amplifier! All three will accept plug and play thumb drives or large solid-state drives. Information can be stored for up to 20,000 tracks. Have bigger collection? Get a Uniti Core with no limits. The Core is a server only, and costs $2595. It integrates perfectly in size, shape, and appearance with the other Uniti pieces. All the new Naim Uniti pieces look like they were made for each other. They were. The Core integrates in operation and performance with Atom, Star and Nova. Can’t quite swing the Atom? Get a UnitiQute. This product has much of the functionality of its three big brothers but costs $1995. When you are ready for one of the big boys we will take the Qute back in trade.

You’ve got to experience these things. Come on in.

Is There More?

I’m already out of breath but here is the last word. Buy an Atom, Star, or Nova now and gain the opportunity to buy with it a Mu-so Qb all in one cube for only $495. $400 off the regular price! Put it in another room for connected music. Give it to a deserving family member or friend for the Holidays. They’ll be forever grateful. Read more about Mu-so HERE.

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