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Now at TSE! Sonus faber Sonetto V

We have been waiting anxiously to get our first pair of speakers from Sonus faber’s new Sonetto line. The wait is over. They’re here. Well…the Sonetto V at least! The Sonetto V are a fantastic representation of [...]

Nordost Cable Sale

Enjoy great prices on Nordost cabling! We have compiled a sale list of Nordost cabling including Heimdall 2 level cabling and below. This is a great opportunity to add more Nordost into your system or get started [...]

Gryphon Launch Event Report

The Gryphon Launch event was a great night of music. Philip O’Hanlon, the evening’s presenter, played both digital and vinyl cuts. Philip presented Gryphon without getting into technical details about [...]

Jon Zimmer Visit Feb 15

Jon Zimmer, Transparent’s Director of Marketing, will be visiting us on February 15. Jon has been with Transparent a long time and is very knowledgeable. On top of that he is just a really great guy. Jon will be [...]

Introducing the McIntosh MA252

The very cool McIntosh MA252 integrated amplifier has recently been introduced and we are excited to announce that we have ours and it’s now available for demo. The MA252 integrated amplifier is the first hybrid [...]


Vinyl record sales are way up, you see turntables for sale at bookstores and notice an overall embrace of this analog format by younger generations. The truth is, vinyl and turntables never went anywhere. Many [...]

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