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Transparent Cable Deals

Transparent Cable Sale

We have many Transparent cables, previous to current Generation 5, in stock and are offering them at great prices. It is an excellent way to get started on using Transparent cables in your system or add to what you have currently.

nordost sale

Nordost Cable Sale

Enjoy great prices on Nordost cabling! We have compiled a sale list of Nordost cabling including Heimdall 2 level cabling and below. This is a great opportunity to add more Nordost into your system or get started on a complete Nordost cable loom.



Reg: $5,250 SALE: $3,250

The VTL IT-85 Integrated Amplifier is designed for those who seek the simplicity of a single chassis system, but with the performance of separates. Designed with a fully active preamplifier stage, the IT-85 delivers 60 watts per channel with the sonic characteristic that is similar to VTL’s ST-85 Stereo amplifier and the TL2.5 preamplifier combination.

The IT-85 is a full linestage preamp and power amplifier in one chassis, and the linestage section has sufficient gain and a buffered output to be able to drive a subwoofer through the preamp out. The headphone section of the IT-85 is driven off the tube output stage and output transformer of the power amplifier section thus making it an ideal high performance pure tube headphone amplifier.

The IT-85 is a really good sounding integrated and will soar in the right system. Take advantage of this deal and get into VTL quality, heritage, and great sound with this really good deal.

Electrocompaniet prelude pi2

Electrocompaniet PI 2 Integrated Amplifier

Reg: $3,450 SALE: $1,500

The PI 2 from Electrocompaniet was an amazing amplifier at its retail price. At the sale price it is a no brainer. This is a great integrated amplifier to build a high performance stereo system around or possible upgrade for your current system. This integrated has plenty of power for most any speaker and is extremely musical sounding.

Dan D’Agostino M300 Monoblock Amplifier

Dan D’Agostino M300 Monoblock Amplifiers

Demo Pair! Reg: $55,000/pr SALE: $39,000

Building on his Krell Heritage, his new company Daniel D’Agostino Master Audio Systems has been in business since 2010. We have been with D’Agostino for years now. Recently Dan has upgraded the monoblock amplifiers and the Stereo amplifier and added the M-Life option for the integrated amplifier. Dan is very accommodating to his customers. All original Momentum amplifiers are upgradable to the latest greatest.

The original M300 monoblocks have been replaced by the M400. The M300s were $55,000 a pair. The new M400s are $65,000 a pair. We are offering our demo M300s for $45,000 with full warranty. Save $10,000! The upgrade to M400 is $15,000 for the pair, so upgrade when and if you want and still save!


Naim NAC 152 XS Preamplifier & NAP 155 XS Power Amplifier

Was: $5,990 SALE: $2,990

The NAP 155 XS amplifier offers 60 Watts steady state per channel into 8 ohms. More than 200 watts dynamic capability. The NAC 152 XS preamplifier provides all the transparency and musicality you’d expect from Naim Audio, plus a long-term upgrade path to even better performance. The perfect alternative to an integrated amplifier, it’s an outstanding first step into the world of Naim Audio ownership. This Naim pair is our demo System and comes with full warranty. Our 30-day money back guarantee applies, as does our Trade Up Program.

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