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There is only one of most of these items at these prices. Act quickly not to be disappointed. 

Full warranty on all new and demo items.


Dan D’Agostino M300 Monoblock Amplifiers

Demo Pair! Reg: $55,000/pr SALE: $45,000

Building on his Krell Heritage, his new company Daniel D’Agostino Master Audio Systems has been in business since 2010. We have been with D’Agostino for years now. Recently Dan has upgraded the monoblock amplifiers and the Stereo amplifier and added the M-Life option for the integrated amplifier. Dan is very accommodating to his customers. All original Momentum amplifiers are upgradable to the latest greatest.

The original M300 monoblocks have been replaced by the M400. The M300s were $55,000 a pair. The new M400s are $65,000 a pair. We are offering our demo M300s for $45,000 with full warranty. Save $10,000! The upgrade to M400 is $15,000 for the pair, so upgrade when and if you want and still save!

Naim NAC 152 XS Preamplifier & NAP 155 XS Power Amplifier

Was: $4,545 SALE: $2,545

The NAP 155 XS amplifier offers 60 Watts steady state per channel into 8 ohms. More than 200 watts dynamic capability. The NAC 152 XS preamplifier provides all the transparency and musicality you’d expect from Naim Audio, plus a long-term upgrade path to even better performance. The perfect alternative to an integrated amplifier, it’s an outstanding first step into the world of Naim Audio ownership. This Naim pair is our demo System and comes with full warranty. Our 30-day money back guarantee applies, as does our Trade Up Program.

High Performance Speakers on Sale

Most of our speaker manufactures encourage us to replace demo speakers once a year or two. They want to see us keep our demos “fresh.” Sometimes there are changes, sometimes not. Some changes are minor and may be instigated by materials changes beyond the manufacturers control. We have five speaker models we are currently offering that are in this category.

Three are seen below and include Rockport Technologies Cygnus, Avior, and the Wilson Alexia. In addition, on offer are the Rockport Atria (used) and Wilson Sabrina. Please call about these last two and for detailed purchase accommodations available for each (delivery and setup options and trade in possibilities).

Rockport Technologies Cygnus Loudspeakers

Only One Pair at Sale Price! Regular: $62,500 SALE: $52,500 

This is a great opportunity to get into a pair of really incredible speakers from Rockport Technologies. Rockport is one of the best speaker manufacturers in the world. We currently have Cygnus available for audition. We invite you to set up an appointment with one of our consultants for an in-depth audition of these special speakers. It takes us time to do a proper setup in our shop so we do need advance warning as the Cygnus are not currently in place for listening.

The Cygnus have been in our shop for about a year and a half. This demo pair will have full warranty. You can take advantage of this offer by making a deposit now with delivery after we receive a new pair. This would be about six weeks. If you are really anxious we can probably arrange for earlier delivery. We will consider trade ins and will offer our usual trade up offer.

Rockport Technologies Avior Loudspeakers

Only One Pair Left at Sale Price! Regular: $37,500 SALE: $26,900

Avior will be replaced by Avior II at $38,500. the change from the original Avior is an adaption of the tweeter wave guide first used in the Cygnus and in the Lyra. The wave guide supports the tweeter in its lower range and makes it integrate with the mid-range driver more effectively.

Avior is similar to Atria but has two woofers for more bass impact, lower bass distortion at high levels and a quieter cabinet. At $26,900 our demo Aviors are an extraordinary value at $26,900.

Wilson Alexia Loudspeakers

Demo Model! Regular: $52,000 SALE: $42,000

The Alexia is a remarkable, great sounding speaker at regular price and a steal at the reduced price for our demo pair. We have Alexia on demo. Come in and listen. The care taken with assembly and finishing a product has always been to the highest standard at Wilson. The Alexia is a gift in the art of music reproduction.

In July the current Alexia will be replaced by the Alexia Series II. The Series II Alexia will sell for $57,900 a pair. Wilson is always intent on improving each model they offer, if they can. The Alexia was introduced in 2012. The Alexia Series two utilizes research done for the development of the new WAMM Master Chronosonic. This work concentrates on the cabinet material and construction, which results in a quieter cabinet, and on the tweeter, which results in a more resolved high frequency range. The Series II will be introduced in July.

Our demo Alexia are about a year old. They will have full warranty and include installation and voicing in our immediate area. We would of course install them anywhere in the U.S at a cost to be determined. You can take advantage of this offer by making a deposit now with delivery after we receive the Series 2 in July. If you are really anxious we can probably arrange for earlier delivery. As many of you know who have heard them in our shop the Alexia are fabulous music reproducers. Come in and listen. We will consider trade ins and will offer our usual trade up offer. Learn more about Alexia HERE.