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You may know of the partial building collapse at our Loft location on 18th St. That happened in the early hours of Saturday, October 6. After a searching in the Crossroads we found an ideal location at 1611 Oak Street. On Thursday, December 13 we finalized our lease on the space. It is a ground-level, large space that we will build out in two phases.

The first phase will include a front area with small systems and a large music room with two more advanced systems. The most advanced system will feature the new Wilson Audio Sasha DAW speakers. By Summer, we will build a high-performance home theater room.

When will be open?  We’ll keep you posted. We are striving for late January. In the meantime, just give us a call (402-391-3842). We can serve you from Omaha.

You Have Never Heard Anything Like This

We bring high fidelity music and home theater systems to KC with 48 years of experience in Omaha. You’ve never heard anything like this in KC because there’s never been anyone like us in KC. Now we are here, bringing you great sound for your place. Sound that truly brings your music home. You’ll find you can’t wait to come home and listen. Relax. Clear your mind. Let the troubles of the day fade away. Share music with your friends and family. Have fun. Owning a great music system is enjoyable and buying one should be too. We bring it to you. No fuss. No bother. We do it all.


Not an audiophile, just a music lover who wants good music at home?  We can help you achieve what you want at a price you can afford. A major part of our endeavor is to provide great systems that are a good value and retain value. We care for our customers after the first sale is made. We have a great trade up program. Our 48 years in business is a testament to how we treat customers.

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