Aurender A30

The new Aurender A30 is a state of the art version of the A10. It includes an Aurender server with a DAC (digital to analog converter) as does the A10. The server shares design aspects with the W20 server, Aurender’s best. As with all Aurender servers streaming capability from most internet sources is available.

The internal DAC is very high performance. In addition, the A30 includes a slot-loading disc drive with CD ripping ability similar to the ACS10. Finally, the A30 has a volume control and excellent headphone amplifier and sports a large front panel display. You need only add a high-performance power amplifier or integrated amplifier. Such a two box combination would mate well with Wilson Sasha DAW or better Wilson Audio model or with Sonus faber Amati or better for a very high-performance system.

Although the A30 is $18,000, It can be considered a very good buy. It includes so much capability and such high performance with a very easy to use tablet app and metadata editor.

The performance is extraordinary, easily besting the A10 or the ACS10 with a good DAC. It makes the music come alive.

If you own an A10 or an ACS10 you can receive your full purchase price in trade up to an A30.

The A30 will be on demo with the Sasha DAW system in our Kansas City showroom Friday, May 6 and Saturday, May 7 before returning to Omaha. Private auditions can be arranged.

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