Bartók APEX DAC – New from dCS

Like Vivaldi and Rossini before it, the Bartók from dCS has achieved APEX. While that sounds pretty cool, and it is, let’s talk about what that means. Since the inception of the current group of dCS DACs, APEX is the only hardware upgrade. There have been many software upgrades all available at no charge to Vivaldi, Rossini, and Bartók owners. That feature has been one of the hallmarks of the design.

Recently, dCS engineers have redesigned the analog output section of all three of their DACs to have lower distortion, a greater sense of dynamics and timing, as well as better resolution of detail. APEX was first instituted in the top-of-the-line Vivaldi, then Rossini, and now Bartók. We have them all on display between our two showrooms.

From dCS:
“With APEX, we’ve reconfigured the Ring DAC’s circuit board and developed a new analog output stage. This has allowed us to further reduce distortion, and increase linearity, resulting in a range of measured and sonic improvements – including an even greater sense of dynamic drive, detail, finesse and vitality. Sharing the same electronics as our Vivaldi and Rossini systems, it features the latest generations of our pioneering Ring DAC™ APEX, clocking architecture, and digital processing platform — a unique combination of hardware and software unrivaled in its sonic and technical performance.”

We have been impressed with the sonic improvements Rossini and Vivaldi achieved with their APEX upgrades and expect the same with the Bartók APEX. You can hear the Bartók APEX in our Kansas City Showroom now and, very soon, in our Omaha Showroom. You can purchase the Bartók APEX with or without a built-in headphone amplifier. You can compare Bartók non-APEX to Bartók APEX in our showrooms.

dCS Bartók APEX: $20,950
dCS Bartók APEX/with Headphone Amplifier: $22,950

Upgrading non-APEX Bartók

Any existing NON-APEX Bartók can be upgraded to a Bartók APEX. Pricing for the APEX upgrade is variable based on the purchase date of your Bartók. If you are interested in upgrading your Bartók, please email, call, or reach out directly to your TSE consultant.

Recently purchased Bartóks can be upgraded before March 7th for $4,500. If you buy one of our non-APEX Bartók DACs, you can immediately have it upgraded for substantially less than you would pay for a new Bartók APEX. That offer requires that you purchase the upgrade at the same time that you purchase the non-APEX version.

We have four non-APEX available for sale. These include both those with and without headphone amplifiers. Please talk with one of our consultants about pricing.

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