Coronavirus – How to Cope Right Now

For the time being, WE ARE STILL OPEN. If you are sick at all please do not come in. Call us we will serve you at your home as you require. If you do come in, we have alcohol spray available for sanitization. We will try to keep our facility and controls you might touch as clean as possible. SEE THE END OF THIS NEWSLETTER FOR MORE DETAILS AND SPECIAL OFFERS.

Written by Charlie Santmire

First a story 

Tens of thousands of years ago the hunter learned to fear the unknown. Something was crashing in the jungle. It was probably prudent to run. Your sharpened stick was probably not a match for a lion. Fear of the unknown adversary that was apparently very large would cause you to run. Fear promoted the body to save itself by releasing adrenalin giving the body extra short term energy and ability. If you could run a bit faster you might have a better chance to live.

Fear of the unknown

We still have fear of the unknown. In some ways, we have grown wise slowly. The old fight or flight reactions are still there. If your back is against the wall you may have little choice but to fight to save yourself. 

What we can and must do

We must join together to flight not fight amongst ourselves. That fight must be rational and prudent. Ok, go to the store to buy some supplies for a couple of weeks. Keep your home stock at that level but be reasonable don’t buy enough toilet paper to last six months. Leave some for others to buy. Do not hoard. Don’t make multiple trips to the store for minor items. Plan ahead. You and your family and others will be safer. It is now all about slowing the contagion.

Unfortunately, we see some issues of modern life to be issues of fear and fight or flight whereas we would be better off to be calm, prudent and resourceful. Fight as a people against an unknown. Bring our formidable resources together as a people to fight the enemy.

Covid-19 is such an enemy. We are only now in the process of learning about it. We will find over the coming weeks and months how to deal with it effectively if we work effectively together. We are already making progress in this fight. 

Testing for the virus, quarantine and reduced gathers will help slow its spread. This is very important right now as there is a danger of overwhelming our medical facilities and caregivers. If you think there is a reason you might have been exposed, get tested. Getting tested will become easier over the next few weeks and will probably be without cost. If you test positive you should isolate yourself it is said for two weeks. If you test negative you may still be at risk from social interaction. Getting tested every so often if you are put in compromised situations such as flying.

For now the individual, family, and group are best off being prudent. Be prepared to stay at home, if necessary, for at least a short period of time, maybe a couple of weeks. Have the resources to do so if you can. If you don’t have them ask for help from friends and neighbors. If possible, work from home and avoid/reduce personal contact. Be calm. Be prudent.

To our fellow business people, we entreat you not to gouge. Amazon, E-bay, and Walmart have come down hard on those that do. We applaud their action. 

Masks, Gloves, your phone, and the pump handle

A bit of research I have done shows that regular face masks will help prevent you from transmitting the disease, they will not do much to prevent you from getting it. They are too loose to provide that protection. Some are clearly better than others. They need to wrap around not have spaces at the sides. Complex respiratory masks will work but they are not available to most of us and requiring training about use to be effective. Gloves can help but like surgical gloves, they must be discarded after one use. They cannot be effectively cleaned. Gloves are available in three materials, latex, vinyl, and nitrile. Nitrile gloves are the most effective. Sanitization of things you touch can help. The coronavirus except under unusual circumstances cannot live but a few hours outside the body. Household disinfectants include Clorox and isopropyl alcohol can help at homeDo not share your phone or pass it around to see pictures you have taken. Text people.

Watch the pump handle at the gas station. Sanitize the handle. At lease wash or sanitize wipe hands thoroughly before moving on or touching yourself.


The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) are good resources and related CDC sites. Be careful of responding to e-mails or texts from unknown sources. Bad people are already using fear as a ploy to gain access to your computer for nefarious purposes. 


That is the bottom line for now. That is all we can do right now. Do your best.

In our 50 years in business we have never faced such a pandemic. We will all get through it if we are careful and helpful to others. Look out for our neighbors and friends. It is a time for everyone to care for everyone. 


The leaders in this and other countries should be the executive branch of the federal government and its agencies, followed in this country by the states. There is little evidence that the federal executive is leading in this country. Quite the contrary in fact. Legislation will pass in the next few days that may offer some of us some relief. Exactly what is involved and how to access help is yet to be explained. Hopefully, we will know more in the next few days. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) is a good resource.


There is little TSE can do as a company to help other than give advice. Do not stress. Get rest. Do not travel if you can avoid it especially by plane or bus. We are not asking any of our employees to travel by plane for business until the situation is much clearer. We advise that you and our employees not travel by plane for personal reasons either. 

If you are sick stay home. If you have needs from us call. We will do all we can to help you out. We are providing our showrooms and all employees with sanitizing isopropyl alcohol spray. If you get some on your own, CDC advises it must be at least 60% alcohol, 

TSE has an extensive paid sick leave policy for all employees far beyond what most tiny companies like ours have. Our eight full time paid employees are provided a minimum of 20-30 days a year (depending on years of employment) of fully paid Personal Time Off. All employers should provide fully paid days off. This would dramatically slow the spread of the disease. If we can do it, certainly companies like McDonalds with estimated 517,000 uninsured employees can also. 

TSE will try to make your stay at home more pleasant

We are searching for and asking our product suppliers to give us lower costs that we can pass along. We are offering extended service including delivery, setup, and free shipping. Just ask. If you invest a bit in an improved music and or movie system, you and your family can enjoy your time at home more. This investment will last to serve you for many years. Over the next few weeks, we will announce from time to time special purchase opportunities to that end.

The first opportunity is the Arcam SA20 integrated amplifier. This amplifier is already a very good buy at $1500. We have worked with Arcam’s owner and distributer in this country Harmon Luxury Audio. With their cooperation, we will be able to offer this fine integrated amplifier at $1,150 (reg $1,500) for the month of March. The SA20 is Arcam’s best value integrated amp. We will take credit cards. We will take trades. We will deliver at no charge or if you prefer we will ship at no charge and then guide your installation over the phone.

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