MoFi StudioDeck – Now at TSE Omaha

We introduced MoFi turntables last December (read that article HERE). Mo-Fi is short for Mobile Fidelity, the folks that produce the amazing high-quality vinyl discs. We can special order those for you.

We have the UltraDeck available for audition in our Omaha and Kansas City Showrooms and are happy to announce that we now have the StudioDeck available for audition in our Omaha showroom.

The StudioDeck+U complete with the moving magnet Ultra Tracker Cartridge is $1,495. Different cartridges are available at $1,395 and $1,699.

Both the StudioDeck and the UltraDeck include constrained layer damping of the plinth, heavy Delrin material platter, custom-developed tonearm, and feet/motor isolation by HRS. These features combine to build a robust turntable completely manufactured in the US. The StudioDeck foundation which includes the StudioTracker Moving Magnet cartridge is only $999.

After spending some time with the StudioDeck, we quickly appreciated what MoFi has accomplished with their turntables. The StudioDeck performs exceptionally well, especially at its price. If the StudioDeck is in your budget, you really can’t go wrong by adding one to your system.

We have investigated how good we can make the UltraDeck with the installation of a Dynavector 10X5 MKII moving coil cartridge.

Our Turntable Specialist, Gale Cooper has confirmed that the UltraDeck is well worth the Dynavector cartridge. We normally charge $400 for the installation of a cartridge, a very intensive several-hour process requiring great skill and experience. We include that at no charge if you buy the cartridge and turntable from us.

The UltraDeck ($1,999) with the Dynavector 10X5 MKII cartridge ($750) installed is a total of $2749. Fully decked out with Transparent Power Cord, Transparent Phono Interconnects, HRS E1 Isolation Base, specially designed for MoFi Turntables, and MoFi Super HeavyWeight Champion Record Weight the total is $4595. We don’t believe there is a superior record player at this price.

Setup is crucial with turntables at the level of the UltraDeck and above just as it is with stereo or theater systems. In his time with The Sound Environment, Gale has developed his turntable setup skills to a masterful level. Some turntables are easier to setup than others but it cannot be done without the right tools and years of experience. Each turntable Gale sets up is finished by actually listening to music and making micro-adjustments that complete the process. With the assurance of a great setup, many great evenings of relaxing listening are in your future.

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