Naim Uniti: All-in-One, One For All

Following the successful launch of the Naim Mu-so two years ago we have created many happy customers for these great all in one systems. A year ago Naim announced three new products in the Uniti series. The roll out is complete. We have the new Uniti Atom, Star, and Nova on demonstration and in stock. What are they? They do everything and do it well. They stream from any source. They look for sources. They connect to each other and to Mu-so, creating a multi-room system with no effort. They amplify and can drive almost any speaker very well. We have tried improbable combinations such as Nova with Wilson Alex and have been astounded by the results. They are easy and intuitive to control from your phone or tablet with a new and evolving app. In this day and age that is essential. Nobody wants to fight with their hi-fi. They just want music and they want it now. From Tidal or Spotify, from your phone or your NAS. You name it you’ve got it…


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