More than a system, our updated $1,999 complete music system is a high-fidelity portal to the music. Leave poor music reproduction behind. Enter into a world where your music at home is more emotive, engaging, and meaningful than ever before.

Great sound in your home can be accessible and affordable. We have selected a group of components that work well together offering a level of performance that is remarkable for the price. This system is good enough to be all you ever need but part of the value is in the importance of our Trade-Up/Trade-in policy which provides you the opportunity to upgrade your system as you go along. Of course, you can start with a system that is adjusted to your preferences.


For the last few years, we have displayed a complete stereo system priced as low as we could and still maintain our standards. Over the years that system has changed as new components have come along. We are now at a system price of $1,999 with an add-on cable and protection product group at $849.

The updated system is built around the newly introduced Arcam A5 integrated amplifier. Arcam has squeezed incredible performance out of affordable integrated amplifiers for years – the A5 being the latest and greatest from the English manufacturer. The base speaker option remains the venerable Debut Reference bookshelf speakers from ELAC. At their price, we haven’t been able to beat them with any other speaker model.

For sources, you have the option of Bluesound NODE Streamer/DAC OR Music Hall turntable. At the $1,999 bundle price, one or the other is included but you can opt for both if you want digital and analog sources. The turntable selection is now the proven Music Hall 2.3.


The standard $1,999 system includes Transparent Hardwired speaker cabling. If you want to maximize system performance, we have put together a complete Transparent cabling/power conditioning package at the bundle price of $849 ($200 savings). This package includes upgraded Transparent speaker cable, interconnects, power cords, and power conditioning (protects your system and makes it sound better). Curious about what this means or does? Give us a call or send an email to discuss the benefits of Transparent in your system.


Lumina V Amator ($3,499/pr) builds upon Lumina V, with upgraded technology and fresh design queues. Both our Omaha and Kansas City Showrooms have replaced Lumina V display models with Lumina V Amator.

Learn more about Lumina V Amator HERE.


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