NEW! In our Kansas City Showroom

The Middle Space in our Kanas City Showroom is now complete! We call it our Middle Space because it is between the Music Room where we have two very high-performance systems and what will be our high-performance ATMOS theater. The Atmos theater will be completed early next year. That will give us four demonstration areas. Our front space is devoted to small systems and single box systems such as the McIntosh RS200 Integrated Audio System and the two Naim Mu-so Systems. These start with the Mu-so QB at $899.

Our new demonstration space provides the opportunity for visitors to experience music systems with two high-performance floorstanding speakers made by Sonus faber. These speakers can be paired with a variety of well-matched Integrated Amplifiers ranging from the Arcam SA20 at $1,500 to the McIntosh MA352 at $6,500. Several are available for audition with more to come. These systems can be demonstrated with a turntable or digital streaming source. The speakers have been exactingly placed by our Speaker Room Integration (SRI) team to assure highest performance in our space. We would do the same in your space at no charge.

The two speakers on demonstration are the Sonetto V ($5,000/pair) and the new Olympica Nova II ($10,000/pair). For more on Olympica Nova click HERE. The Sonetto V is one of our most popular floorstanding speakers. It does have a little brother, the Sonetto III at $4,000/pair for smaller rooms and a big brother, the Sonetto VIII at $6,500/pair. Shelf, on-wall and center models complete the Sonetto line up.

Sonus faber is a 25-year-old Italian speaker maker, well known for their outstanding, beautiful cabinetry and a rich musical sound. Our new Middle Space also accommodates a high-performance in-wall theater system using the new Sonus faber Palladio V in-wall speakers. These speakers can also be used and demonstrated as a stereo pair. Sonus faber Palladio V in-wall or in-ceiling speakers start at $325 each. The model on demo for higher performance, especially in a theater, are $1,000/each.

Complete systems in this range, including all cables and power conditioning installed in your home, start around $7,800. There are many combinations, ranging up towards $20,000 with Olympica Nova speakers and big integrated amps. Each system would be designed expressly for your budget and situation. All are eligible for our generous Trade Up policy where you can get your full initial investment back as you trade-up.

Come on in for a listen. Explore what is possible. We want to make friends and help you enjoy your music at home. We hope you like what you hear and may eventually make the investment to step up from what you now have. Trade-ins are welcome! Stop in, relax, and enjoy some music. After all, that is what this is all about.

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