Single Box Systems

These two exceptional single box music systems at $899 and $1,349 have better sound and greater flexibility than any hodgepodge of individual components we have been able to find anywhere near these prices.

The Naim Mu-so and Mu-so QB are astonishingly good music reproducers for their sound and price. Buy a few! Spread them around the house. Combine Mu-so, Mu-so Qb and other Naim Uniti streaming products for the ultimate multi-room experience. Simply sync the units to play the same music everywhere or control each one individually from a single app. Stream music from your phone, your tablet, Spotify, TIDAL, Internet Radio and more. Forget sound bars, use a Mu-so. Easily connect your TV. Hear how that works in our loft.

Learn More About Mu-so From the Naim Website HERE

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