Italian speaker manufacturer, Sonus faber, has been a key brand at The Sound Environment for many years. Sonus faber has consistently designed and released speakers that are as beautiful sounding as they are looking. Sonus faber Focus Week is about dedicating time to highlight this great brand and specifically some of the speakers you can experience in our showrooms. In celebration of Sonus faber Focus Week, we are offering some special purchase opportunities on systems featuring Sonus faber. Call or email for more information. This week only (May 2-6)!


Thursday’s focus is home theaters featuring Sonus faber speakers. Over the years we have displayed several Sonus faber theaters in our Showrooms and installed many in client’s homes. While we have been talking so far about Sonus faber speakers for use in stereo music systems they are also a great choice for theater. Within every home theater audio system we create is an excellent music system. After all, music plays a critical role in most movies. There are also many fine multichannel concert recordings with and without video. You can also use stereo music sources with your home theater system. This is especially valuable if the system is in a multi-use room.


Sometimes our customers prefer in-wall/on-wall or in-ceiling speakers for aesthetic reasons or to accommodate other room features. This does not mean you must give up quality sound. Our KC Showroom displays a home theater featuring Sonus faber’s highest-performance Palladio Level 6 in-wall speakers. The sound is amazing, especially for in-wall speakers. These are not your typical in-wall speakers, they are robustly built including a three-way design utilizing high-end speaker drivers in a back-boxed speaker cabinet for controlled performance.

We are showing the Sonus faber Palladio 6 PL-664 speakers in a 5-channel home theater setup powered by an Arcam AVR5. PL-664 speakers come with standard metal grills. Akin to the beautiful look of traditional Sonus faber speakers, alternative wood facing meant to be exposed is available for an extra charge. The look is beautifully done, making an in-wall speaker a feature in the room while taking up no space – the best of both worlds if you love the look of Sonus faber but can’t accommodate free-standing speakers.

The PL-664 are fully enclosed so the sound does not radiate from the back of the speaker through walls into other spaces. The enclosures also ensure that the speaker drivers have the support and exact cabinet volume they need for best performance. They can be oriented vertically or horizontally. The base price for the top-of-the-line three-way version is $2,250 each. PL-664 match very well sonically with regular Sonus faber speakers. They can supplement Sonetto or Olympica Nova floorstanding speakers being used as a center channel, surround channels, Atmos channels, or all of the above.


If you have been following along this week, we have covered Lumina V and Sonetto V floorstanding loudspeakers. Olympica Nova is the next collection of models in Sonus faber’s speaker lineup. Moving up from Sonetto, the Olympica Nova III ($15,000/pr) offer improved performance and a more beautiful cabinet. The fit and finish must be seen close up to be appreciated. It takes science and art to build what Sonus faber builds. Beauty is not just skin deep. Take for instance that the base plate is a thick, sturdy metal plate that covers the whole bottom of the speaker for extra rigidity. The spiked feet have easy, long-range adjustments, just as our SRI setup experts like.

Our Omaha Showroom features a full Atmos theater using Olympica Nova III speakers handling the left and right channels with the Nova CII center channel. The overall experience is engaging, enveloping, and just a flat-out good time. Stop in for a demonstration of this fantastic system!

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