Speaker Room Integration

For us, speaker setup means fine adjustment of speaker placement in a room to achieve the best possible music reproduction we can for that speaker in that room. Integrating speakers into a room is more important than any component in an audio system. Few do it and fewer do it well.

SRI is our Multi-faceted speaker placement process developed over 50 years and hundreds of installations. We have evolved techniques to position speakers that achieve great, musically accurate results. It is time-consuming and exacting, requiring a good ear and careful movement of each speaker. 

Almost all music and home theater systems are purchased and placed in homes without reaching even half of their potential. With The Sound Environment, SRI is included with all eligible speaker/system sales – completing your investment by getting every bit of the performance you paid for. The execution of a high-performance system begins with the selection of the highest value components that build a synergistic system that is right for you and is completed with our SRI process – unlocking the full potential of your system. Read more HERE.

Wilson Audio Sabrina and McIntosh System – Kansas City
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