Starting at $1699 – Your Entry Into High-Performance Audio

The Sound Environment is pleased to announce the first in a series of very affordable systems that meet our high standards of performance, controllability, and reliability. The individual components, or the system as a whole, are eligible for our strong Trade Up Program. Get your money back if you trade up within a year!

We have selected a group of components that work well together and offer a level of performance that is remarkable for the price. Step into a world where your music at home is more emotive, engaging, and meaningful than ever before. Come in and give it a listen. We think you will be amazed.

The most affordable of these systems is focused on the new Elac Debut Reference shelf/stand speakers combined with a proven, good-sounding NAD integrated amplifier and Bluesound streaming source. Transparent Hardwired speaker cables are included. The system price is $1,699!

Want more? Step up to the Debut Reference floor standing speakers for only $600 more. Move up to an Arcam integrated amp for $550 more. Play vinyl? A turntable can easily be added! The options go on from here. You can get exactly what you want and have the opportunity to Trade Up later.

Stop in and listen!

$1699 Music System Omaha Showroom

$1699 Music System Kansas City Showroom – Shown with optional Elac Debut Reference floor standing speakers

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