THE NEW SA10 and SA20 from ARCAM

The Arcam A19 was one of The Sound Environment’s all-time favorite integrated amplifiers. Perhaps you even have one that you got from us. The day we found out the A19 was discontinued we were absolutely hopeful for a replacement that was just as good of a value. The day has come with Arcam’s release of the new SA10 ($999) and SA20 ($1,499) integrated amplifiers.

Arcam raised the bar with this new series of integrated amps. They have included a built-in digital-to-analog converter (DAC) in addition to a built-in phone stage. With the ability to support both digital and analog sources, these amps can be a simple, clean, and great-sounding core to your audio system. Learn more about Arcam’s new line on their website.


AUGUST 16th 5-8PM

We have chosen to go with the SA20 for demo in our Omaha showroom. We feel that it represents such a great value that it deserves to have an after-hours event. This event will feature an affordable system that we believe to be exceptional for the level of investment.

The event will feature the Arcam SA20 integrated amp ($1,499) paired with the Sonus Faber Chameleon T floorstanding speakers ($2,000). We will show the Bluesound NODE II ($499) as a digital source and Music Hall MMF 1.5 turntable ($399) for an analog source. The system will be wired with appropriate Transparent cabling.

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