Transparent states “Noise and phase issues from the grid can result in unfocused sounds with a lowered dynamic range. Every level of our power cords and conditioners is based on two decades of R&D.”

Power conditioning, done properly, reduces noise that is present on the power line. That noise can infiltrate the electronics which will degrade the quality of the sound from your DACs, preamplifiers, and amplifiers. Transparent Power Conditioners effectively eliminate that noise.

Over the years we have determined that Transparent Power Conditioners offer the best result. Transparent Power Conditioners reduce noise and offer protection from short-term voltage surges and spikes which can go unnoticed but can damage electronics. Additionally, they correct voltage/current imbalances for better power delivery. The powerline voltage spike protection uses the best devices available and if they fail there is an indicator light that tells you they have failed. Nearby lightning strikes can induce a transient voltage spike in the power line that can damage your equipment.


Transparent Power Conditioners also incorporate protection for your ethernet, reducing noise and protecting against voltage spikes coming in from the ethernet connections that are often unprotected. A nice bonus is that we have experienced and can demonstrate an increase in sound quality on signals delivered via the ethernet.

Power conditioners are often derided because it is claimed that they limit current thus negatively effecting the performance of power amplifiers. Many power conditioners do limit current and that is certainly not a good thing. Transparent power conditioners do not limit current.



The Transparent Power Conditioners are the best we have found in the price range from about $400 to about $9,000. Your system deserves one.

Essential to best performance from a Transparent Power Conditioner are the power cords. Transparent makes the best power cords we have found. They range in price from $60 to $6,300. We can help you select the right power cords for your Transparent Power Conditioner and complete system. The conditioners come with an input power cord (outlet to power conditioner). The power transmission is completed by the power cord from the conditioner to the electronics.

In summary, a good power conditioner can improve the sound of your system and protect it. Transparent power conditioners do all of these things and do them well.

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