TuneTot – A Special Applications Speaker

The advent of the new Wilson TuneTot has brought a lot of conversation. There was a nice review in Absolute Sound recently. The reviewer got it right. The TuneTot is a special applications speaker. It is intended to perform well for its size and price, yielding musically accurate reproduction in placement very close to the wall.

I suppose you could say the goal was to have the Wilson sound which to me is neutral music reproduction of acoustic instrument (non-amplified, non-electronic, no speakers in the musical instrument itself), in other words wind and string instruments plus drums and keyboard instruments such as piano, harpsichord and pipe organ.

The Wilson range now includes many models. The TuneTot is unique in trying to bring the Wilson sound to a small enclosure that can be placed very close to the wall. It is a very good, not inexpensive, small speaker, built to the same standards as all other Wilson speakers.

Designers of small speakers have a choice to make, going for bass beyond the speaker’s capabilities and sacrificing lower midrange clarity. That is not the Wilson way, thus bass response only extends into the mid 60Hz range. The TuneTot performance can be improved by using one or two REL T9i or S3 subs.  This means the TuneTot can still be on the shelf with the woofers more-or-less hidden away.

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