dCS Vivaldi One

The Vivaldi One is a limited edition music player that combines the Vivaldi CD/SACD transport and the Vivaldi Ring DAC along with the streaming capability of the Bridge as well as upsampling ability.

Only 250 numbered pieces will be built for the world. The Americas have been allocated 50 of these unique digital music players. The Vivaldi One will be available in gloss white, gloss black, and gold as well as the standard anodized aluminum finish in black or silver. Virtually any metal plating is available on special order. dCS will make available the Vivaldi clock in a matching finish. The Vivaldi One in standard anodized aluminum finish will be $80,000. The Vivaldi Master Clock is $14,999. The clock is not required but is recommended. The $7,499 Rossini clock could be used but is not available in the special finishes.

Purchased separately the four Vivaldi series pieces plus the Bridge (required for streaming) sell total $120,246 and require significantly more investment in cables than the Vivaldi One with the Vivaldi Clock. The five separate pieces also take up considerably more space than the Vivaldi One plus the clock.

Your Sound Environment Consultant will guide you in selecting appropriate cables and power conditioning including the new Nordost QKORE grounding system. We also strongly recommend an HRS M3X isolation base with all dCS Vivaldi components.

Vivaldi One, purchased from The Sound Environment will be installed by your Sound Environment consultant with special assistance from a person from dCS who will help with configuration to get the best possible sound including network setup.

The Sound Environment will take in trade dCS or other digital equipment purchased from The Sound Environment or elsewhere of any age. Value to be determined. Additionally, each unit includes a special curated music collection, reflecting the musical passions of dCS designers, engineers and technicians who created the Vivaldi One.

This is an opportunity to own a piece of history and the best digital playback system available. This is an opportunity to own a piece of history. dCS makes the best digital playback systems available.

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