Totem Acoustic

Totem is Canadian speaker maker celebrating their 30th anniversary. They are well known in Canada and Europe, not so much in the USA. They have quite a few models. We have on demo five of their cabinet models both shelf and floor standing plus their extraordinary wall mount speakers.

The cabinet speakers offer amazing performance for their small size. They are very musical and easy to listen to. They can be driven by good integrated amplifiers. Prices range from $500 a pair. The five models we have at the shop range from $1,225 a pair to $4,200 a pair.

The wall mount speakers simply have no equal. We have installed a set in our East Room for Home Theater and Music. There are in-wall and in-ceiling versions as well as on-wall. The model Tribe III, that we have on demo are very high performance. The high performance series ranges in price from $1,000 each to $2,300 each. Other models start at $1,000 a pair.

The typical in-wall/in-ceiling speakers sell for $200-$400 a pair and are really bad. We hate to use them. Now we don’t need to. Totem in-wall/in-ceiling speakers start at $600 a pair and are quite good.

Come in and experience Totem.

Naim Atom with Totem Sky Floorstanding Speakers

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