What’s Going on With AVRs?

Availability is not good – most manufacturers do not have any. This is primarily due to a fire that destroyed a major maker of required electronic chips. Such a factory is very difficult and very expensive [...]

Something’s Coming

We have been looking for a high-performance integrated amp that provides a substantial increase in performance beyond the Arcam SA30 at $3,000 but is significantly less expensive than the Gryphon Diablo 300 at [...]

Mofi Trade Up Opportunity

Looking to improve your turntable setup? Interested in MoFi? Simply send us an email or give us a call to Trade Up to a MoFi turntable. This special opportunity considers all trades no matter where your turntable [...]

Wilson Audio XVX Music Machine

The Absolute Sound called it a Time Machine in their review, which it is, but it makes music like nothing else. This past summer Gale, Doug, and Charlie went to Florida to hear the XVX in a very good system (Read [...]

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