DIABLO 333 New! From Gryphon Audio

Gryphon has just introduced a new integrated amplifier, the Diablo 333 ($24,900). It is not a replacement for the Diablo 300. The Diablo 333 will be available with an all-new optional onboard phono preamplifier ($5,600) and a new onboard DAC ($7,000).

The Sound Environment was the first retailer to order a Diablo 333. Ours will be outfitted with both the phono preamplifier and DAC. We will host the North American Premier of the Diablo 333 when it becomes available in October. We will have one additional unit available for sale from the first production run. If you are so inclined, you can preorder now. Read more on Gryphon’s website HERE.


Circuit highlights from the new Apex and Commander, Gryphon’s flagship Amplifier and Preamplifier, have “Trickled-Down” to the Diablo 333, which boasts ten percent more output power than its legendary predecessor. New ultra-fast, low-capacitance pre-driver transistors deliver enhanced musicality and superior measured performance.

The triangular display panel with 4.3” TFT capacitive touch screen evokes the aesthetic created by Gryphon Founder Flemming Rasmussen for Apex and Commander, as do custom-made chassis spikes which enhance both mechanical integrity and visual harmony. Also developed for Apex, Gryphon’s bespoke binding posts are also found on the 333’s back panel. Sculpted from a block of aluminum, the remote handset from Commander replaces the “Wand” remote supplied with Diablo 300. A new, more intuitive menu structure enhances the user interface while a USB 2.0 socket on Diablo’s rear panel simplifies firmware upgrades.

MC load impedance can be set externally with left/right rear panel switches, versus the internal jumpers found on the PS-2S. MC/MM setting is front-panel selectable via the Diablo 333 menu. Gryphon’s new DAC-3 D/A MODULE incorporates the latest High-Performance Sabre DAC: the ES9039PRO. Seven user-selectable PCM digital roll-off filters are included, as are a full assortment of USB, AES/EBU, BNC, and TOSLINK inputs. The 333’s USB input is compatible with all current Digital Audio Formats.

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