We are very excited to announce the addition of five new brands to The Sound Environment. With showrooms in Omaha and Kansas City, we have demo components spread out between our two locations. If there is something you’d like to experience that is being featured in the showroom that isn’t closest to you just let us know and we can arrange to set up an audition at your hometown showroom.

A constellation of well know designers came together to design components for this company founded in 2008. Constellation is manufactured in the United States.

We have the Inspiration Preamp 1.0 and Stereo 1.0 power amplifier on demonstration. These units are based on the far more expensive Altair II preamp ($90,000) and Hercules II amplifier ($110,000). The technology has trickled down making the Inspiration 1.0 preamp and Stereo 1.0 Amplifier great buys at $12,500 and $14,000. The Inspiration Stereo 1.0 boasts a robust 400 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The preamp and amp have a special direct connection available that further improves performance if you have both. Constellation offers an incentive to buy both which decreases the price by $1,000 to $25,500 for the pair. Click HERE to read more about Constellation on their website.

Of great interest in the Cabasse product lineup are two small high-performance systems from the Cabasse Connected Systems Series. Read more about Cabasse Connected Systems HERE.

Cabasse is a 70-year-old French company making some very interesting, elegant, home-friendly systems. Two of these systems are now on demo in our Kansas City Showroom. Both of these sophisticated systems incorporate streaming with access to all major services. They have other inputs as well for great flexibility. Both can be used for Hi-Fi as well as connected to a TV. They also offer multi-room capability with all other Cabasse Connected Systems.

The Akoya has it all. The size and shape of a soccer ball, the Akoya incorporates a three-driver speaker system. Each driver has its own powerful amplifier. This amazing small system delivers full-range sound with robust bass and can be played at high levels if you wish. The Akoya can be used singly or as a stereo pair. $1,995 each (On-Display in our KC Showroom).


Newest from Cabasse and long-awaited. Each speaker in the Rialto stereo pair is only 10′ by 8″ by 9″ yet incorporates a full three-way speaker system. Each driver has its own very powerful amplifier producing satisfying sound in a compact package. $3,995 pair (On-Display in our KC Showroom).



Hegel is a Norwegian company founded in 1988. Our starting point with Hegel is two of their mid-priced integrated amplifiers. Both incorporate Streaming from major services. Their proprietary technology produces a musically accurate, pleasant sound capable of powering most loudspeakers. These amplifiers have unusually good DACs for amplifiers in this price range. Both integrated amps are Roon Ready. Each has digital and analog inputs. These amps have high damping factor which means excellent control of your speaker’s woofers for well-defined impactful bass. These amplifiers do not incorporate a phono input but Hegel does offer a phono preamp for $1,650.

H190 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER (On Display in Our KC Showroom | $4,350)
The H190 produces 250 watts into 4 ohms. Includes a front-panel headphone jack. More on H190 HERE.

H390 INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER (On Display in Our Omaha Showroom | $6,500)
The H390 is based on the flagship integrated H590 but at about half the price. The H390 is incredibly powerful, producing 490 watts into 4 ohms. More on H390 HERE.

Electrocompaniet began operations in 1973 in Norway by two gentlemen dedicated to creating electronics with sound true to live acoustical instrument performance. They started work with designs based on the research of Matti Otala who was the first researcher to identify TIM (Transient Intermodulation Distortion).

These amplifiers became favorites of many well-known artists including Michael Jackson and record producer Quincy Jones.

Electrocompaniet was well known for the top-of-the-line NEMO AW 600 single-channel amplifier which we sold along with other less expensive models. Several of our consultants have Electrocompaniet in their home systems. Recently Electrocompaniet has been reintroduced in the United States by an experienced importer. The NEMO AW600 single-channel amplifier has just been replaced by the NEMO AW800. Advancements made in the AW800 will trickle down to lower-priced models shortly.

We are very pleased to see Electrocompaniet reintroduced in the United States. We will resume showing Electrocompaniet starting with the new ECI 6 DX MKII integrated amplifier at $6,200 ($7,500 with DAC/Streamer Module) and the new ECP 2 MK II phono preamplifier at $2,900. The ECI 6 DX MKII produces 200 watts/channel into 4 ohms. Read more on ECI 6DX MKII HERE.


New to The Sound Environment is the JL line of subwoofers for homes. These woofers offer excellent bass reproduction. They are quick and have slam unlike the typical subwoofer out there. They are very configurable to fit any system and room for home theater or stereo. They range in price from $1,100/ea to $20,000/ea. We have examples from all four groups within the line on demo in our showrooms now. JL subwoofers are all made in the United States and are upgradable as new versions are released. See all JL Audio subwoofer models HERE.

If your room can’t accommodate freestanding subwoofers, JL offers advanced in-wall subwoofers that deliver exceptional performance.


“If you want uncompromised bass performance in a room that won’t easily accommodate freestanding subwoofers, there’s only one game in town.” – Robert Harley – The Absolute Sound


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