New at The Sound Environment - GRYPHON

New at The Sound Environment - GRYPHON

We are happy to announce that we now carry Gryphon! We have two Gryphon integrated amplifiers and a stereo amplifier on systems in the store. Gryphon offers stunning performance - a must hear.

Jon Zimmer Visit!

Jon Zimmer Visit!

Jon Zimmer, Transparent’s Director of Marketing, will be visiting us on February 15 covering all the latest and greatest things going on at Transparent. If you’re interested in meeting Jon he will be available to meet with you at any point throughout the day. Just stop by!

Minimalist Systems

Minimalist Systems

Everything you need and nothing you don’t. A Sound Environment Minimalist System includes everything you need to bring beautiful music into your home without complication.

New at The Sound Environment, Totem Acoustic!

New at The Sound Environment, Totem Acoustic!

We now carry Totem Acoustic Speakers! We have many models on display including Totem's incredible on-wall speakers.

Naim Uniti: All-in-One, One For All

Naim Uniti: All-in-One, One For All

Uniti from Naim, high performance all-in-one music players that do everything, do it well, and do it easily. Just add speakers.

Introducing the McIntosh MA252

Introducing the McIntosh MA252

The MA252 integrated amplifier is the first hybrid integrated amplifier from McIntosh. The MA252 combines McIntosh’s best vacuum tube and solid-state circuit design to create a unique and high value integrated amplifier.

who we are

We are a small high performance audio shop located in Omaha, Nebraska. We have a talented staff with years of experience. Our consultants are not inspired by commission, but a love of music, work passionately with you to get the best sound possible, no matter your level of investment. Finding great value components, where price matches performance, is key for us. If we wouldn’t want it in our own homes, we don’t want it in yours. We are your partner in achieving great sound. Any home stereo or theater system we work with you on is done so with great care and consideration. 47 years of treating people right and continually pushing ourselves to learn more and grow in our craft has made for a rewarding history and promises a compelling future.


What brings our group together is love of music. We work together to bring the magic of music forth from a system. We know music and we experience music, even traveling to distant cities to hear favorite performers live.

Everyone should have the opportunity to really enjoy music, not just sound – to be thrilled, excited, or saddened, to experience the performer communicating directly and be moved by the music.

How do we get a system to really bring us the music? It is a complex process. We have enthusiastically devoted decades to this process.


The focus in home theater is usually the video. The bigger the screen the better, but what makes the movie engaging is the sound. The quality of the sound makes the movie hold your attention, even if you don’t have the biggest screen in the world. You want to be carried away by the explosions and the roaring of the crowd. You want to clearly hear the tone and inflection of the dialogue.

Without music in film the impact is lost. The music tells the story behind the dialogue and the images. Even with a small screen the music will make the movie experience immediate. Music is generally the last thing added to a film, the final touch, tying all together.

Omaha, home to the sound environment

Omaha is a really nice city with great restaurants, exciting events, quality museums, and the best Zoo in America. Whether you come just to visit us and spend some time listening to great audio or for a complete vacation with sporting and cultural events, Omaha will surprise you.

Installations in Omaha & Beyond

We complete high-level installations throughout our region and across the nation from Florida to Hawaii. Our consultants work with our customers from introduction to The Sound Environment to long after we set up a system or new component in their home. Customers spanning the country have been with us for decades.


We invite you to come visit our showroom in Omaha. Come hear a reference quality system, well set up, in a really good room. Discover what is possible. We offer a Travel Program that reimburses up to 2% of your purchase towards your travel expenses.

Our Consultants

  • Gale Cooper
    Gale Cooper Audio Consultant

    Gale has an impressive 30 years of experience with TSE. He is a master of system setup and in his spare time plays drums for a local rockin’ soul band. He has a music degree from UNL, is our go-to guy for everything analog, and is one of the best audio advisors in the business. Gale enjoys jazz, classical, and classic rock.

    Famous Quote:

    “Get the pace and rhythm right and the rest will follow.”

  • Todd Snyder
    Todd Snyder Audio Consultant

    Todd has a passion for a well thought out stereo or home theater system. He’s been with TSE for 10 years, distinguishing himself as a favorite advisor of many of our clients. In his time with TSE, Todd has grown to an incredible system setup specialist. He enjoys a wide range of electronic, art-pop, and experimental music.

    Famous Quote:

    “A great system is as much about execution as it is product.”

  • Zach Born
    Zach Born Audio Consultant

    Zach is our new Audio Consultant, but he’s not new to great sound. He played trumpet and French horn in school, and has spent years building a great stereo. He’s traded in his job in biological indicator R&D (ask Zach) for his first love, music. Zach likes alt-rock and electronic music and is active in the local music scene.

    Famous Quote:

    “I get to go to Wilson training in my second week, what a great job!”

What our clients are saying

  • I have written about 2 online reviews. The Sound Environment is world class. I walked into the store hoping to get something a little better than Nebraska furniture mart or Best Buy to compliment our TV. Instead I walked out with the best sounding speakers I have ever heard, and also a breadth of knowledge on how to get the best sound quality. I have been back several times to buy and also just to hang out and listen to great sound quality. They are great people with the best customer service.

    Michael R.
  • Awesome place! The people are very helpful, not pushy and educate you with out sounding snobby which can often happen at high end stores selling anything. Also just because its high end doesn’t mean it has to be expensive. I am a college student and I was able to get into a budget pair of speakers which sound amazing. Go check the place out.

  • The event yesterday was truly over the top! I had been under the impression that I had a good analog system, and it’s not bad, but not even close to the big system featuring the Air Force turntable… I will survive, but with loss of innocence.

    Doug R.
  • I remember how cool it was checking out the Klipsch speakers Charlie featured when the Sound Environment was located in his home in Lincoln back in the day. Since then The Sound Environment has become one of the country’s premier quality high-level home theater companies serving clients throughout the region with installations from Florida to Hawaii. I’ve been working with Gale Cooper for several years, first from the Lincoln store (now located in Omaha’s Rockbrook Village), who’s designed my entire home theater system and who I’m continuing to work with. I’ve been in stores featuring the highest quality audio, visual, home theater, etc… equipment from coast to coast and in my opinion, The Sound Environment’s one of the nations best.

    Jaye O.
  • I’ll try to keep this as on point as I can but that’s not an easy task because The Sound Environment (TSE) is so far ahead of their competitors they are on an entirely different level. In my opinion TSE is among the absolute best in terms of sound and video reproduction in your home. They emphasize value at all price points whether that be a mega-bucks world-class system or simply a small desk top system you could use at your computer. Regardless of your budget TSE will provide you with the highest quality sound and video for your money. Period. Beyond that, they have an immensely helpful and patient staff of experts that are as passionate about what they do as anyone in any field. I would absolutely, without hesitation or equivocation recommend TSE to anyone who values high quality sound and video. If you’ve got a budget give TSE a shot before dropping your hard earned money into something from a big box retailer. TSE is locally owned and operated and it shows. I hate to sound over-the-top effusive but I just cannot say enough about these guys. They are the real deal. Give them a shot. I’m extremely glad I did.

    Ryan C.
  • Great people, great products. Consultants do a great job of qualifying the customer and matching their needs/tastes to the product.

    Andy E.
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