DCS AND WILSON AUDIO EVENT – Omaha and Kansas City

On Wednesday, October 25th in our Omaha Showroom and Thursday, October 26th in our Kansas City Showroom we are pleased to host presenters from Wilson Audio and dCS. We have been a showroom for Wilson Audio speakers and dCS DACs for about as long as these companies have existed.

FEATURING: Peter McGrath & David Ellington from Wilson Audio and John Giolas & Emron Mangelson from dCS

Join us! Hear what these esteemed manufacturers have to say about their designs. Learn what happens behind the scenes to bring these incredible components to our showroom and your home.

YOURE INVITED! Space is limited. Please let us know if you plan on attending. Email us with your name, and which showroom/presentation time you’d like to attend.



In Omaha, we show the dCS Vivaldi APEX DAC and Clock and the Bartók APEX Streamer-DAC. In Kansas City, we have the Rossini Streamer-DAC and Clock and the Bartók APEX Streamer DAC. We will also have the latest and lowest-priced addition to the dCS lineup for the first time, the Lina Streamer-DAC and the Lina Master Clock.

dCS Lina DAC and Master Clock – New at The Sound Environment!

For Wilson Audio, we will present the new Sasha V in Kansas City and the Alexia V in Omaha. SabrinaX is also available for audition in both locations. We show an incredible Chronosonic XVX system with Subsonics in another location near our Omaha Showroom. It will be available for audition by appointment soon. More on this later!

Wilson Audio Sasha V – on Display in our Kansas City Showroom


Wilson Audio is a top-tier speaker manufacturer creating some of the best-built and most musically accurate loudspeakers available. Our presenters are David Ellington and Peter McGrath. Peter is one of Wilson’s senior employees and a renowned recording engineer (read more about Peter’s recording philosophy HERE). David and Peter are intimately familiar with the full range of Wilson speakers and can answer any questions.

Over the years, through our research and listening, dCS has proven to be the best value in high-performance DACs. Their Ring DAC design, how they support it with upgrades, and the rest of their hardware make dCS’s products special (more on dCS Ring DAC HERE). Presenting for dCS will be Emron Mangelson and John Giolis. Join us as we listen to them describe dCS’s designs and how they achieve musical excellence.

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