Gryphon Launch Event Report

The Gryphon Launch event was a great night of music. Philip O’Hanlon, the evening’s presenter, played both digital and vinyl cuts. Philip presented Gryphon without getting into technical details about the components but rather having the audience truly experience music, not just listen to it. This is the core of Gryphon – to truly bring the experience of music into your home. Few will soon forget the concluding track Philip played to end each session, Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lot of Love,” which of course was played on Phillip’s treasured original “hot pressing” LP of Led Zeppelin II. The Gryphon breathed life into the recording and played it as tenaciously as Zeppelin intended. Few had heard what that recording truly was before the event night.

We have the Gryphon Colosseum stereo amplifier, Diablo 120, and Diablo 300 integrated amplifiers available for audition on a regular basis but get in soon if you’d like to hear the Pandora preamplifier paired with the Colosseum as it won’t be available for audition much longer. The Diablo 120 and 300 integrated amplifiers are incredible values at their respective prices. You owe it to yourself to come listen to Diablo if you are considering new amplification. They blew us away with their performance and were the catalyst to getting us started with Gryphon. They are some of the highest value components we have come across.

Thank you to all who came to the event. We are grateful for your interest and continued support. If you missed it, stop in to see us soon and do some listening or catch our next event! Visit Gryphon’s website HERE.

Philip O’Hanlon, Philip O’Hanlon, our evening’s presenter and Gryphon importer

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