New From Wilson Audio – TuneTot

Wilson Audio TuneTot

The new TuneTot from Wilson Audio is here! We have been eagerly awaiting this new speaker from Wilson since it was secretly announced to be a work in progress several months ago. We have them setup in our showrooms and ready to play.

What is a TuneTot?

It is the highest performance, most musically accurate small loudspeaker designed specifically to be installed on counter tops, bookshelves, desktops and credenzas. We have other speakers that fit this application that are significantly lower in price with performance commensurate with their lower price. You can trade up from these speakers to the Wilson TuneTot using our generous trade up policy.

How is a TuneTot built?

Make no mistake this is not a speaker that was “tossed off” as an entry level Wilson. It is made for a specific application. The development of the TuneTot takes advantage of all the research and know-how Wilson has amassed over the many years they have been designing and building loudspeakers. It imbodies all the expertise and is built to the same standards as all other Wilson speakers.

TuneTots are fabricated and assembled by the same group of talented craftsmen who build the WAMM Master Chronosonic, using exactly the same processes and techniques. Its cabinet and driver technology are derived directly from Alexx and Sabrina by Daryl Wilson.

Price and Trade up opportunity

TuneTot is a high-performance bookshelf speaker designed to be easily accommodated into any room in your home and sound great. The TuneTot is the most affordable Wilson speaker at a base price of $9,800 a pair. Grills, isolation base and special colors are extra cost options. Come in or call and we will explain it all.

Our normal trade up policy applies. Your purchase price will be a credit if you trade up within a year to a speaker twice as expensive. In the case of the TuneTot we will make an exception and provide that opportunity if you wish to trade up to a Wilson Sabrina floor standing speaker at $16,500. You can also trade up to the TuneTot if you own other speakers purchased from us.

Please visit the new Wilson Audio TuneTot website HERE for more detailed information.

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