New from Wilson Audio – SabrinaX

The Wilson Audio Sabrina was introduced in 2015 – now replaced by the improved SabrinaX.

The name is chosen because the new model enclosure is made entirely of Wilson’s X material. This change makes the enclosure less resonant thus reducing spurious noise and coloring of the sound from cabinet vibrations. The whole speaker is reimagined with new drivers and other improvements – all is covered in the Wilson press release HERE.

What does all this mean for our customers? The original Sabrina was $16,500/pair. The new SabrinaX is $18,500. The improved performance is well worth the increased price. The SabrinaX is currently demo in both our Omaha and Kansas City showrooms. We invite you to come in and listen.

The SabrinaX is easy to drive and perform well paired with all-in-one style integrated amplifiers making for an ultra-simple, high-performance music system. SabrinaX certainly responds well as the source, amplification, and cabling get better, but with that being said, these great speakers are quite at home in the context of a $25,000 system. 

As always your choice of speakers depends on what sound you like for the music you listen to. The SabrinaX provide a revealing window to the recording. The Sound Environment Speaker Room Integration (SRI) process is critical to getting the best performance possible from the speaker. Among other things such as getting musical timing and tonality right, our process does make bad recordings more listenable and less harsh while making good, high-resolution recordings even better.

If you want Wilson speakers to give the high level of performance of which they are capable, our expertise is essential. Over 50 years, We have developed a proprietary method of macro and micro speaker positioning adjustment. Wilson does require that their speakers must be delivered and at least have the benefit of a minimal setup after a minimal break-in period, but if you really want what you paid for, you need us. You can buy this service from an independent contractor. The best independent service we know of charges a minimum of $2,000/day plus travel expenses. For our region that would be around $3,000. At the level of SabrinaX and above we do that at no additional charge

Watch Wilson Audio Video Featuring SabrinaX HERE

Wilson Audio SabrinaX on demo in our Omaha Showroom


Wilson Audio SabrinaX on demo in our Kansas City Showroom


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