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The Sound Environment has been creating home theaters for decades. Most have been high-performance systems individually designed for the client’s particular situation. Now, we are committed to making home theater more accessible for more of our customers while still maintaining our high standards for performance, value, and reliability.

The system we now demonstrate in the front area of both our Kansas City and Omaha showrooms is an illustration of what we can do in the $10,000 range with freestanding speakers. This system would include three front channel speakers, two surround speakers, a subwoofer, and an AVR (Audio Video Receiver). Various options, such as not using surround speakers or using in-wall or on-wall speakers, will affect a final price. Omitting surround speakers reduces the price by $1,200. Video display (flat panel or projection) is not included but could be added as can a disc player and music streamer.

You may prefer in-wall or on-wall speakers. Our installation specialist can determine if such a solution is possible and what it would entail after a home visit.

In addition to an AVR and speakers, the system includes complete installation, with a precise setting of the AVR and exact speaker location (SRI – Speaker Room Integration) for your room and seating arrangement. One year at home service is provided without charge.

A system based on what we demonstrate can be reduced in price to under $7,000 by selecting different speakers and altering the cable selection. Our no loss Trade Up Program provides the opportunity for improvement in the future.

The system can be enhanced by selecting upgrades to the AVR and speakers. Depending on what is chosen the cost can range from about $7,000 to $15,000. All variations are based on the system you can experience in both of our showrooms.

As with our stereo systems, we insist that our theater systems exhibit high performance for the price, good value, and reliability. All must have clear dialog (speech) reproduction and good music reproduction. Our home theater systems are also very good music systems. You can stream your favorite music to your home theater system. You do not need two systems!

Many mass merchants and online stores sell what they call a home theater package that includes speakers for 5.1 channels (three front speakers, a subwoofer, and two surround speakers) and generally a simple, low powered AVR. Those very inexpensive systems and in our view do not offer even acceptable minimum sound quality. They are particularly lacking in clear understandable dialog (speech) reproduction and do not reproduce music well, which is important in all movies.

Our solution, at lower price levels, dispenses with surround sound and center channel and uses our $1599 System or variations of that system or a Naim Mu-So ($1,699). Those systems will give you good sound quality and understandable dialog. You can use our Trade Up Program to move to a multi-channel home theater sound system.

The system demonstrated uses an Arcam AVR390 AVR and Monitor Audio speakers. We are particularly taken with the Arcam AVRs. They offer good flexibility, reliability, and most of all, very good sound for the price. Arcam is currently offering the AVR390 at the special price of $1,500 while supply lasts. Arcam also offers three more advanced receivers with higher power and more features.

The freestanding speakers are from Monitor Audio. The front speakers we demonstrate include a large three-way center channel speaker that matches the front left and right speakers. Many speaker makers don’t pay much attention to the center channel speaker even though it is the most important speaker for movies. The left and right speakers are substantial floor standing Monitor Audio speakers. Different speaker arrangements can be used to achieve good results for your situation. Monitor Audio offers similar quality three-way in-wall speakers if that is what you want, and if they can be accommodated in your room.

The subwoofer included in this system is from REL Acoustics designed specifically for home theater applications. We demonstrate the largest of their three offerings because of the size of our front demo rooms. The system is priced with REL’s mid-level offering that’s more appropriate for typically sized rooms. Of course, if you want explosions that blow you away by all means get the big one.

All cables are by Transparent with models chosen to be appropriate for the system. We also include Transparent power conditioning. Good power conditioning improves the audio performance, picture quality, and protects the system from powerline spikes which can damage the equipment.

A 65″ flat panel display by Sony is demonstrated and available for purchase as a separate package, with necessary cables and wall mount if needed. Larger or smaller flat panel displays are available as are projection systems. Installation with appropriate cables would be included in this package. A new video display can be added to your system initially or later.

If you want to play discs, we offer a Sony Blu-ray Disc player. The recommend player is $300 plus cables. It plays Blu-ray Discs, DVDs, and CDs. It is available to add to your system either initially or later. Similarly, a music streamer can be added initially or later.

When you are ready, we will write a proposal that is specific to your situation that lists all products with model numbers and all labor.

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