New McIntosh MC830 Monoblocks – Listen Today at TSE


The MC830 is a single channel design without autoformers priced at $4,500/each. Two are required for stereo. The single-channel design makes this amplifier ideal for powering the front three channels of a high-performance theater. We will be using them in our new Atmos theater now being put together in our Kansas City showroom. They are also an excellent choice for a stereo system.

The power supplies are quite robust and because they are single-channel designs, each channel will do what it needs to do without affecting the other channels. This is important when high-level peaks in the sound need to be dealt with.

As with all McIntosh amplifiers, the MC830 has Power Guard which prevents distortion associated with driving the amplifier to maximum output. It prevents clipping which can quickly damage tweeters and create very unpleasant sound.


We have listened and compared the MC830 to other amplifiers. The system speakers were the new Wilson Audio Sabrina X. The performance is excellent and musically accurate. The amplifier exhibits liveliness and is very enjoyable to listen to. The bass has slam, impact, and resolution due to the independent power supplies and high damping factor. Please talk to us if you want more detail and comparison with other amplifiers.


The MC830 provide 480 watts into 4-ohm speakers continuous – about 750 watts short term. The MC830 will power just about any speaker.


If you have speakers that are a nominal 4-ohm load, as most speakers are today, this new amplifier from McIntosh is easily their best value at $9,000/pair.

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