Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX – Now Available for Audition

The Speaker

The Wilson Audio Chronosonic XVX is the most extraordinary loudspeaker system we have ever encountered. It is very complex, comprising seven drivers in five enclosures. But, all is for naught if this remarkable speaker is not properly implemented. The XVX is worthy of the best system in front of the speaker that we can conjure up and an exacting setup that takes our team days to implement. Over the past weeks, our team has painstakingly, and exactingly adjusted the placement of all the modules and integrated the speaker into the room. The results are extraordinary. The XVX is ready for your listening.

Time Domain Issues

The Master Chronosonic Micrometer system is a mechanism that facilitates the exact movement of the critical elements within the array. The XVX’s time-domain accuracy approaches the theoretical ideal, with adjustment increments in the two-millionths-of-a-second range with great ease and simplicity. This system even allows for adjustments that compensate for time-domain issues in amplifiers and cables in the system.

The System

Feeding the XVX and the Rockport Cygnus is a system that is second to none. The XVX is the endpoint of a total music reproduction system that is extraordinary. All of the components in the system must be up to the task. They must be the best we can come up with from source to speakers. What we have assembled includes the best Aurender server, the best dCS DAC and Clock, Gryphon line stage preamplifier, and Class A power amplifier. The system components are interconnected with Transparent Magnum Opus cables. The electronic components are served by Transparent Power Conditioners, Nordost Q-kore grounding system, and reside on HRS stands and isolation devices.

The Room

The room has not changed in many years. It is a very good, large room appropriately treated with the right acoustic materials.

The Integration of XVX Into the Room

The setup of the speakers is very time consuming and must be done carefully and precisely. As we said in our initial News the assembly alone takes three people a day to do right.

The better the speaker, the longer it takes to do Speaker Room Integration (SRI) to the max. It took Todd and Gale several sessions of hours each to get to the point where they were 99% satisfied. Time alignment and tiny changes in various aspects of setup can easily be heard when you get to this level. Todd and Gale go well beyond the book.

The Result

The result is music that is effortlessly and realistically reproduced. The system is forgotten. It is now only the music. We have spent many late nights enraptured by what we are hearing. Never before has music been so realistically, unequivocally presented.

A final note on Daryl Wilsons latest efforts. The XVX system at $329,000 is very expensive – a really good value but expensive. Daryl’s other recent efforts, the SASHA DAW at $37,900/pair (on display in our KC location) and the newest Wilson Audio speaker, the Sabrina X at $18,500/pair (on display in both locations) also offer great value and performance at a significantly lower investment.



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