Acoustic Signature Maximus NEO – Our Newest Turntable

We have sold Acoustic Signature Turntables for many years, particularly the Primus. The Primus was a great turntable at a great price. Sadly it became necessary for Acoustic Signature to raise the price substantially or discontinue the Primus. That perhaps motivated Acoustic Signature to remake their whole line. It is now a truly high-performance only line. Every model has the same diamond-bearing assembly and noise reduction system and 15-year Warranty.

Altogether there are now nine turntables in the line. We are most interested in the Maximus Neo and the Double X Neo. The Maximus Neo is the least expensive in the new line and probably the greatest value. The Maximus Neo price starts at $6,890 with the TA1000 tonearm. The external linear power supply adds $995. It can be added at any time and is well worth the additional investment.

This is a completely flexible high-performance turntable. You can buy it with an upgraded tonearm from Acoustic Signature or without tonearm and use one from a different manufacturer. Our turntable guru, Gale Cooper, can guide you. The Maximus Neo could be the last turntable you ever buy.

This turntable, like all high-performance turntables, comes without a cartridge. Our demo Maximus has the Lyra Kleos installed. The Kleos is $3,995. This is an entirely appropriate cartridge for this turntable. Gale says the least you would probably want is the Dynavector DV-20X2 at $1,150 but again consultation with Gale is the way to go. You may have a cartridge you want to continue with – we can install it if you wish. Cartridge installation and fine-tuning are exacting and critical, a service we offer for $400 but is included with the purchase of a Maximus NEO.

Decking out the Maximus Neo would include a Transparent phono cable and power cord, HRS Isolation Base, and possibly an HRS record weight. Consult with Gale for the appropriate cables, bases, and record weights.

Normally we do not take trades on turntables but for a limited time, we will consider trade up to this turntable from anything you may have. You might have a Primus. We would happily take your Primus in trade.

Setup is crucial with high-performance turntables, just as it is with stereo or theater systems. In his time with The Sound Environment, Gale has developed his turntable setup skills to an expert level. Some turntables are easier to setup than others but it cannot be done without the right tools and years of experience. Each turntable Gale sets up is finished by actually listening to music and making micro-adjustments that complete the process. Attempting installation yourself might leave you not getting the full performance capability you invested in and possibly even damage your records. We are here to help. With the assurance of a great setup, many great evenings of relaxing listening are in your future.

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