MoFi – Now Available at The Sound Environment

MoFi turntables and all other MoFi Electronics products are now available at The Sound Environment! Considerable time was taken in choosing a new line of turntables. With three models ranging from $999 – $2,499, MoFi’s turntables cover a wide range of prices with each level offering great sound, superb build quality, and excellent reliability.


There are three MoFi turntable models: StudioDeck Foundation ($999), StudioDeck ($1,199 – $1,699), and UltraDeck ($1,999 – $2,499). Each model includes features unique to MoFi that initially drew us to the line. Constrained layer damping of the plinth, heavy Delrin material platter, custom-developed tonearm, and feet/motor isolation by HRS combine to build a robust turntable completely manufactured in the US. The StudioDeck and UltraDeck weigh in at 19, and 23lbs respectively. These are serious turntables that are seriously high-value. Additionally, each table benefits from a standard IEC power cord input (no “wall wart”) and RCA outputs making it easy to upgrade your power cord and phono interconnects.

MoFi StudioDeck

MoFi UltraDeck


If you know us, then you know we love Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS) and the isolation products they make. You see them everywhere around our showrooms. HRS President and Chief Engineer, Michael Latvis had a serious hand in assisting MoFi with the design of the anti-vibration feet that come standard on all but the StudioDeck Foundation, as well as the isolation for the motor mount, and record weights.

Selecting any old turntable foot off the shelf would have been the easy thing for MoFi to do, pioneering a whole new foot in collaboration with HRS caught our attention. This showed us that MoFi has put serious thought and care into the design of their turntables. Working with MoFi, learning more about what goes into their design and manufacturing, and then finally getting them into the shop to experience for ourselves solidified the quality level of what they are doing. These turntables are a step above at their prices.

The HRS Ultra Low Noise Feet come with with StudioDeck and UltraDeck. Ultra Low Noise Feet can be purchased separately for use on any turntable. They cover three turntable weight classes: 8-16 lbs, 16-24 lbs, and 24-32 lbs. $199 buys you one set of four feet.


How would TSE put together an UltraDeck? Decked out, of course. Easily able to accommodate upgrades, the UltraDeck can be made into an even higher-performance machine.

Our Decked Out Ultra Deck comes in at a package price of $4,595. We think it is the highest performance turntable setup that amount of money can buy you. We take advantage of the standard IEC connection and RCA outputs with a Transparent power cord and interconnects. This is a huge advantage over tables that have fixed interconnects and external “wall wart” power supply. Further isolation is provided by the MoFi Super HeavyWeight Champion record weight and HRS E1 Isolation Base that has been specifically designed for this turntable by Michael Latvis. Resident analog expert, Gale Cooper, has selected an excellent Dynavector cartridge for best performance match to the UltraDeck but he can consult with customers about other possibilities.

MoFi Ultradeck Turntable
Dynavector Cartridge
Transparent Power Cord
Transparent Phono Interconnects
HRS E1 Isolation Base Specially Designed for MoFi Turntables
MoFi Super HeavyWeight Champion Record Weight

Interested in MoFi? Purchased a turntable from us in the past? Simply send us an email or give us a call to work out a deal using our Trade Up Program to easily Trade Up to a MoFi turntable.




While MoFi makes incredible turntables, they need setup just like any other turntable. And just like any other turntable, the setup makes or breaks the final result. Purchase of any MoFi turntable from The Sound Environment includes setup by our resident analog expert, Gale Cooper.

Gale Cooper has been with The Sound Environment for over 30 years. He is an accomplished musician and lover of music. Setup is crucial with turntables just as it is with stereo or theater systems. In his time with The Sound Environment, Gale has developed his turntable setup skills to a master level. Some turntables are easier to setup than others but without the right tools and years of experience, you’re likely to miss the mark on your own, leading you to not get peak performance and thusly less value. Each turntable Gale sets up is finished by actually listening to music and making micro-adjustments that complete the process. With the assurance of a great setup, many great evenings of relaxing listening are in your future.


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