dCS Bartok DAC – Now on Demo in Omaha!

The dCS Bartok DAC is now on demo at TSE Omaha. We may have this example for only a short period. They are very hard to come by. The Bartok is a huge success as the newest least expensive dCS DAC. 

It just received a great review in December Absolute Sound. “Bartok is a state of the art component, brilliantly executed, that rivals and often exceed the performance of any comparably priced digital or analog playback rig that I’ve heard to date.”

Hear it now in The Sound Environment’s Omaha showroom.

From The Absolute Sound:

The new dCS Bartók DAC brings together dCS’s past, present, and future.

Replacing Debussy as the most affordable DAC in the illustrious dCS range, Bartók shares the same DNA as its bigger Rossini brother, featuring the Rossini Ring DAC™, custom high-performance UPnP music streamer and dCS digital processing platform inside a simplified chassis that uses only one power supply. As with all dCS DACs Bartók measures best in class across all technical dimensions.

Bartók plays music through an array of industry-standard USB, AES or S/PDIF digital inputs. It can stream over Ethernet from a NAS drive or online music services such as TIDAL™ or Spotify™, and from Apple devices via Airplay™. The network interface can perform full MQA™ decoding and rendering.

The DAC section is equipped with independent balanced and unbalanced line outputs that can drive power amplifiers directly, avoiding the need for a separate preamplifier.

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