Movies and Concerts Just got Better – Experience Kaleidescape at TSE!


It is a way, the only way, of buying and storing movies and concerts at the highest resolution. The movie files purchased or rented from Kaleidescape are exactly the same as those sent to digital movie theaters.


If you have a high-quality video display such as a Sony OLED TV or theater projector and a high-quality multi-channel audio system to go with it, then the best source is essential. At this time only Kaleidescape provides that. Blu-ray players are being discontinued by some manufacturers and more are likely to follow. If you own Blu-ray discs or DVDs we have a method available for you to get many of those titles on Kaleidescape.


We have long stressed the value of the source for music. You can’t get started without it ?.

If you have spent thousands of dollars on a good music system, you know how important the source is be it a turntable or digital source such as an Aurender paired with a good DAC.

Many of us stream music. We have worked hard over the years to make streaming music sound as good as it can. It is not quite as good as local storage of music files but very close and good enough. So, why not just stream movies? Streaming movies might seem ok unless you compare it to Kaleidescape. Streamed movies are not up to the standards of the high-performance theater system you have. The pipe from the movie streamer is just not big enough. Come in for a comparison. The difference is obvious.

Unlike music, you cannot stream movies and concerts in reliable high resolution. The key to streaming movies is keeping the stream going even if the resolution changes. It all depends on the bandwidth available moment to moment from the provider’s server to your TV. Typically, streamed movies have very condensed audio, especially as you get into Atmos with many channels of audio. The audio from movie streaming services is particularly bad. They are saving space in the pipe for the picture.

Maybe someday streaming movies will be as good as what Kaleidescape is capable of but not now. Keep your video streaming services for TV shows and the like but for movies and concerts, you need Kaleidescape. With Kaleidescape the picture will be movie theater quality or better and the audio will be what you expect and get from a great music system.


About 12,000 titles are available. More than any streaming service except Amazon. Netflix only has about 3,500 titles.

As well as purchasing movies and concerts through Kaleidescape, you can also rent. Most rentals are $5.95 or $7.95. Renting provides the opportunity for reduced-price purchases. Purchase prices range from $14.99 – $34.99. Collections can be purchased at a reduced cost. You own the movies and concerts you’ve purchased. They reside on your machine.

Any movie you purchase is available to you anywhere you have a player. If you have a second home or vacation home every movie you have purchased can be downloaded to a player you have at that home. Movies can be purchased individually or in collections at a reduced price. With Kaleidescape you own the movie or concert, You don’t have to worry about streaming services stopping or dropping movies.


The minimum is a Strato S 6TB Movie Player ($5,995). More storage can be added. A Strato C Player can be added to extend the facility of the Strato S to another room. The Strato C player is $2,995.


We are currently showing the Strato S and Strato C in our Omaha showroom. They will remain in theater systems until August when they will move to our Kansas City Showroom. If you are in Omaha and love movies stop in! See and hear the difference.

Kaleidescape Strato S

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