What’s Going on With AVRs?

Availability is not good – most manufacturers do not have any. This is primarily due to a fire that destroyed a major maker of required electronic chips. Such a factory is very difficult and very expensive to build. The one destroyed will not be replaced until sometime in 2022. Supply of AVRs will continue to be problematic for the rest of the year. Fortunately, Arcam is still able to produce some for now. Anticipating the shortage, we have brought in a few. We have all models available at this time.

We have just one AVR390 left. That model has been discontinued. It is a very cost-effective unit at $1,499.

We have a small number of AVR10 ($2,500) and AVR20 ($4,000) available. If you are thinking of a purchase in the near future, we suggest you buy now to avoid disappointment. We have one recertified AVR30. The regular price of the AVR30 is $6,000 – this particular unit is available from us for $5,200.

Talk to your consultant about what model would be appropriate for you. If you have any interest, don’t delay. They will probably be gone soon.

Our regular Trade Up policies apply.

More on Arcam AVRs HERE

Arcam AVR30

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