Olympica Nova Have Arrived

Olympica Nova II (walnut) Featured in our Kansas City Showroom

The long-awaited Olympica Nova speakers have arrived! Sonus faber has reimagined the already popular Olympica speaker group. Olympica Nova includes additional models. The heart of the line is the floorstanding models. We are now showing two of these. The Olympica Nova II is in our KC showroom and the Olympica Nova III in Omaha. We will soon show the new CII center channel in Omaha in a new home theater system. We can bring in any model for you with the freedom to return them if you do not feel they suit you.

These speakers are not inexpensive, but they are an extraordinarily good value. Amazingly, Sonus faber improved what was already a great speaker without a price increase.

Olympica Nova II $10,000/pair. Olympica Nova III $13,500/pair. The new Olympica Nova V $16,500/pair. The bookshelf Olympica Nova I $6,500/pair. The center channel Olympica Nova CII $7,000 each, The Olympica Nova W (on-wall) $4,000 each.

They can’t build the new speakers fast enough. Come in, listen, and place your order. Preorder soon to ensure delivery for the Holidays. 50% down, balance on delivery. Price includes delivery and Speaker Room Integration (SRI). A process that assures your speakers will sound their best in your room.

The Olympica Nova, based on the original Olympica, offers improved performance and a more beautiful cabinet. The fit and finish must be seen close up to be appreciated. It takes science and art to build what Sonus faber builds. Beauty is not just skin deep. Take for instance that the base plate is a thick, sturdy metal plate that covers the whole bottom of the speaker for extra rigidity. The spiked feet have easy and long-range adjustments, just as our SRI setup experts like. The III and V offer more bass impact, lower lower-midrange distortion, and a bit more bass reach.

These speakers are efficient and an easy drive for most high-quality amplifiers. We would pair them with anything from the Arcam SA20 at $1,500 on up. Integrated amplifiers from MOON, Naim, McIntosh, and Gryphon all make great choices. Read more about Olympica Nova on Sonus faber’s website.


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