Rockport Technologies Event Report

We had a great turnout for our Rockport event held Wednesday, February 26th. About 40 people attended the two presentations by President Josh Clark and Sales Director Jon Zimmer. Josh explained the design and craftsmanship that goes into making a Rockport Speaker. Josh played great music to demonstrate the capability of Cygnus.

Those attending said it was the best event we have had. Both groups applauded at the end.

Cygnus, Avior and Altair remain available for listening at any time. Come on in and give them a listen! You will be amazed.

Rockport Technologies Speakers

All four Rockport models are very similar in sonic signature. They just get better as you go up the line – greater refinement, more detail, deeper bass reach, and more impact. The driver topologies become more complex with each step and the cabinets get quieter culminating in the astounding Lyra. Arguably, the Lyra has the quietest loudspeaker enclosure ever designed. Lyra is available for listening by appointment.
Cygnus, the focus of our event, is an amazing loudspeaker. A great value at $62,500/pair. Few speakers approach this level of performance at any price. You must hear them. Cygnus aren’t physically imposing and will fit nicely into most any room.

Atria II is also a three-way system. $26,500/pair. Atria and Avior are eligible for our no loss Trade-up Program to Cygnus.

Avior II, an easy to drive three-way system with two woofers $38,500/pair. They are also available for listening in our KC showroom.

Lyra presents recorded music with such exceptional realism that the listener is transported back to the original musical event. 5 drivers, 3 ½ way, 560 lbs/each. Lyra are $169,500/pair.

Event Night

Inspired by the Night Sky

Rockport Technologies Designer Andy Payor likes to name his speakers after stars and constellations.
• Cygnus is a constellation
Cygnus was among the 48 constellations listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy, and it remains one of the 88 modern constellations.
• Atria is a supergiant star in the constellation Alpha Trianguli Australis
• Avior is a binary star in the constellation Carina
• Lyra is a constellation


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